Tahereh Samadi Tari

Born: Tehran –Iran 1981



2005-2008         M.A in Painting, Art University, Tehran, Iran

2000-2005         B.A in Painting, Art & Architecture Azad University, Tehran, Iran

 2000            Painting Diploma from Academy of Visual Arts ,  Tehran, Iran


2010-2012          Certificate  of  History of contemporary Art  , Mahe mehr institute ( by Dr Alireza Sami Azar)


Books containing the artist‘s works :

2015   Contemporary Iranian Art (Roots and New Perspectives), Hamid Keshmirshekan , Nazar Art publication ,Tehran ,Iran

2013   Contemporary Iranian Art (New perspectives), Hamid Keshmirshekan ,Saqi books , Great Britain

2009   Different Sames (New perspectives in Contemporary Iranian Art)- Thames &Hudson- London ,UK


Solo Exhibition:

2020      Etemad Gallery , Tehran ,Iran

2014    Boom Art Gallery, Tehran ,Iran

2010    Day Art Gallery, Tehran ,Iran

2009    Day Art Gallery, Tehran ,Iran

2007    Day Art Gallery, Tehran ,Iran


International Exhibitions:

2018     Sensation exhibition ,Cama Gallery , London , UK

2011     Street View, AB Gallery, Lucerne, Switzerland

2010     A Group Exhibition, Doha, Qatar

2009      Volta Art Fair, New York, United States of America

2009     Iran Unbowed, Hyatt Regency London, the Churchill, London, UK

2009     Candlestar , Masques of Shahrzad, Mall Galleries, London, UK

2008                 Candlestar , Whispered Secrets, Murmuring Dreams, Mall Galleries, London, UK


Domestic Exhibitions:

2020     Levitation,Idea Gallery, Tehran , Iran

2020     Unfinished Fantasy, Ideh Gallery ,Tehran ,Iran

2019    white -Black -Gray ,Whiteline Gallery , Tehran, Iran

2019       International Festival Shahr film, Pardis Mellat Gallery, Tehran ,Iran

2017      Next to another , Did Art Gallery , Tehran , Iran

2017      Soul of the Desert Turan, Art Center Gallery,Tehran,Iran

2017      Approaches and trends In contemporary Iranian Art , Pardis Mellat Gallery ,Tehran ,Iran

2017      Environ Recited , Mojdeh art Gallery 

2017     The first  Bayaan , Bayaan Gallery , Tehran, Iran                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

2016     Reflex , Whiteline gallery ,Tehran ,Iran

2015     Fish& coral Persian Gulf , Niyavaran cultural Centre, Tehran ,Iran 

2014                 In Other View, Shila Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012      Three generations of female Iranian painters, Pardis Mellat Gallery ,Tehran Iran 

2012     Wonderland, Shokouh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

 2012   To End, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011    Cutting Edge Artists, Pardis Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011      The first auction of visual Arts  , Shirin gallery, Tehran ,Iran

2010     From The past Until Now, Day Gallery, Tehran Iran

2010                 The Fourth Greatest Art Show of the Year, Haft Negah,Honarmandan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009                 The Third Greatest Art Show of the Year, Haft Negah, Pardis Mellat Gallery ,Tehran, Iran

2009                 Group Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Artists, Dey Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2007                 The 7th National Painting Biennial of Iran Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran

2006                 The Forth International Painting Biennial of the Islamic World, Tehran, Iran

2005                 The First Karaj Drawing Annual, Karaj, Iran

1999     Image Reflection , Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran


The Auctions : (London /UK , Dubai ,Iran):

2019     Tehran Auction (Contemporary Iranian Art) , Persian Azadi Hotel, Tehran Iran

  2016   Tehran Auction (Contemporary Iranian Art) , Spinas Hotel Tehran Iran                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

2014   Tehran Auction ( Modern & Contemporary Iranian Art), Persian Azadi Hotel, Tehran Iran

2013   Tehran Auction ( Modern & Contemporary Iranian Art) , Persian Azadi Hotel, Tehran Iran

2012    Tehran Auction , ( Modern & Contemporary Iranian Art) ,Persian Azadi Hotel, Tehran Iran

2012    Auction of Christie’s, Dubai, UAE

2011    Auction of Christie’s, Dubai, UAE

2010    Auction of Christie’s, Dubai, UAE

2009    Auction of Christie’s, Dubai, UAE

2008   Auction Sotheby’s London , UK               

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